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Building communitiesBuilding communities

Working together in your community

We care about the communities in which we work. We want residents to be happy in their homes and the places where they live which is why we aspire to deliver vibrant communities where people want to live and work.

Sustainable communities are created when people feel fully involved and have ownership of the changes to the local area where they live. This means maximum consultation, excellent customer care and comprehensive on-site support

To encourage greater community involvement, we organise and co-ordinate a range of activities in the communities where we work. These include:

  • School visits and involvement of school children in our local developments

  • Representation at local community groups 

  • Sponsorship and support of local community events

  • Site tours for residents and local councillors.


An example of Southdale Regeneration

The Deighton & Brackenhall Initiative (DBI) is an innovative joint venture between Southdale and Kirklees MBC.  It involved the demolition of over 600 council owned properties and the new build development of 520 new homes for private sale, 100 homes for affordable rent and additional community facilities. 

The Deighton and Brackenhall area previously contained 2,350 houses, of which 1,800 were managed by the local authority and over 200 properties were left vacant.

DBI was formed in 1998 as a response to dealing with the challenging social needs arising within the community.  The prevailing issue was the poor perception of two council estates where supply far exceeded demand. In 1999, Kirklees Council decided to investigate a partnership with the private sector to re-model areas containing void housing by developing its land sites, carrying out environmental improvements and providing community facilities which was funded through a community dividend.  This was to be achieved through the transfer and subsequent development of available land.

Southdale were selected as the preferred development partner in April 2001.



The Regeneration Master Plan was developed following community consultations and the active involvement of all stakeholders at two conferences held in 2004. 

A Partnership Agreement was established between the local community, local businesses, Kirklees Council and Southdale which established processes for consultation which would positively affect how the development was designed and constructed in order meet the needs of the local community.

The partnership agreement identified the objectives:

  • To demolish around 600 homes across 18 hectares

  • Transfer the land to Southdale

  • An estimated £4 million was paid into a community dividend

  • This money was re-invested back into local community


This led to:

  • Over 500 new homes for sale

  • 100 new homes for affordable rent through the partner Housing Associations

  • New Village Centre incorporating shopping and healthcare facilities

  • New Sports Arena, New Multi-Agency and Healthy Living Centre

  • The upgrading / provision of new public open play area and sports facilities



  • 620 people were successfully relocated from the properties which were demolished

  • All had choice of where to live

  • 80% chose to remain in the area

  • All moves were by negotiation with no legal action needed

  • Phase 1 of new housing completed in June 2005

  • Phase 2 completed in July 2006

  • Phase 3 completed in October 2007

  • Phase 4  completed in August 2009

  • 24 bungalows were completed for elderly persons available for rent through Housing Associations

  • 52 family homes were completed for rent through Housing Associations

  • Community dividend pot increased from £4 million to over £7 million


Wider Community Projects


  • Car parking and access improvement were offered to local schools

  • 25 local people were directly employed in construction on our sites

  • 8 local people were involved in construction training resulting in qualifications from local colleges

  • A multi-agency building was constructed providing office space for local businesses

  • Significant crime reduction was achieved throughout the area

  • A wide range of education, training and job opportunities were created

The overall success of this scheme has been in the community investment achieved throughout the build process which has resulted in over £7 million of ‘Community Dividend’ being reinvested in the local area. 

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