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Our commitment to sustainabilityOur commitment to sustainability

Our approach to sustainability goes beyond environmental considerations. Our construction process also brings lasting social and economic benefits

The environmental considerations we make with every project, cover a wide range of issues we may encounter on site. As part of our ISO 14001 environmental standard we take into consideration; the impact and control of pollution, noise and vibration, water usage, wildlife and natural features,  dust and carbon emissions. 

It’s not only the environment we ensure we look after, we also adhere to the considerate constructors scheme, a commitment to keeping our sites as clean, safe and quiet as possible.

Our clients have complete confidence in the knowledge, experience and technical skills we bring to every project we undertake, and have confidence in us to consider a range of both innovative and practical design solutions. This enables us to deliver homes that benefit from a robust fabric first approach to enhance thermal performance and include advanced energy saving features which are low maintenance, easy to use and offer many long term energy cost saving benefits to residents as well as reducing their carbon footprint. Consideration is also given wherever possible to support sustainable lifestyles such as safe walking routes, cycle storage and easy access to bus services.

As part of our commitment

  • We have adopted a sustainable approach to construction to bring full and lasting environmental, social and economic benefits through regeneration
  • We take an individual approach to each development and adopt the best approach to using materials and resources, minimising waste and reducing carbon emissions
  • We provide local employment and training, and engage the community in our sustainable development plan.
  • We aim to protect the local and natural environment, and enhance the vitality and viability of local communities
  • We are working with supply chain partners towards 2015 Construction commitments for affordable housing Southdale aim to ensure all projects are designed and developed in accordance with the principles of “one planet living’.

Our staff’s involvement

At Southdale we have an in-house team of staff trained as CfSH Assessors.

It’s their job to look at each project on its own merit, working with our clients to achieve the required code/BREEAM level in the most appropriate way.  We are committed to training our staff on the selection and installation of new environmental technologies.

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Latest news


Latest news

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